The rise of Jai Gopal Engineering Works is a unique story of frails, travails and tribulations faced by its founder Late Shri K.L.Mehta and his unflinching courage,tenacity and perseverance since 1962. The organization is manufacturing of various types of Welding & Cutting Equipments. In 1986, after the sad demise of his father, Jai Gopal Mehta took over as Managing Director of the company and with a great sense of business thoughtfulness and acumen, he become a phenomenal achiever. It is because of his daring attitude and exceptional industry related experience, he sought technical collaboration with some of the forerunners welding equipment manufacturers of the world. He brought the latest technology of this field in India which opened new vistas for diversified options. The products of the company are best known for its high precision, efficiency and superb quality. Below is the range of products manufactured by Asha and is available with almost every welding dealer in Delhi.

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ASHA Product Range: