filler-wire-smallTIG / MIG FILLER WELDING WIRE
Gravity brand of filler wire gives you the best of welding composition featuring a broad range of filler wires for diverse applications ranging from mild steel to stainless steel to aluminium in different sizes.


Gravity filler wires meet rigid quality control standards resulting in superior performance and high quality welds.





Welding Of AISI Types 301 , 302, 304, 304L Steels. C0.03, Si0.75, Mn2.00, P0.045,Ni 8.00-10.50 , Cr 18.00-20.00


Welding Of Low Carbon 18%Cr-8%NI Steels such As AISI Type 304L ,308L. C0.03, Si0.65, Mn1.50-2.00, P0.025, Ni 9.50-11.00 , Cr 19.00 – 21.00


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Welding Of Dissimilar Steel Such As Type 304 To Carbon Steel Or Low Alloy Steels. C0.02-0.03, Si0.65, Mn1.0-2.50, P0.02-0.03, S0.03, Ni12.0-14.0, Cr23.0- 25.0


Welding Of Low Carbon 18%Cr-11%Ni-MO Steel Where Corrosion Resistance Is Required. C0.03, Si0.30-0.65, Mn1.0-2.50, P0.03,S0.03, Ni10.0-13.0, Cr18.00-20.0, M02.00-3.00


Welding Of Matching Chemistry Steels For High Temperature Applications. C0.08-0.15, Si0.30-0.65, Mn1.0-2.5, PO0.02-0.03, S0.03, Ni20.00-22.50, Cr25.00-28.00


Welding Of 18%Cr-9%Ni-Nb Steels (AISI Type 347),18%Cr-9%Ni-Ti Steels (AISI Type 321) For Applications At High Temperatures Upto 4000C C0.08, Si0.30-0.65, Mn1.0-2.50, P0.30,S0.03, Ni9.00-10.50, Cr19.00-21.00, Nbxc1.00


Welding Of Mild Steel,Pipes , Steel Sheets , Plates & Other Structural Steels C0.07, Si0.40-0.70, Mn0.90-1.40, S0.035, Cu0.50, Ni0.15, Cr0.15


Welding Of 1.25%Cr-0.5%Mo Heat Resistant Steels . C0.07-0.12, Si0.40-0.70, Mn0.40-0.70, Cu0.035, Ni0.20, Cr1.20-1.50, Mo0.40-0.65


Welding Of 2.25%Cr-1%Mo Heat Resistant Steels . C0.07-0.12, Si0.40-0.70, Mn0.70, Cu0.35, Ni0.20, Cr2.50, Mo0.90-1.20


Welding Of Pure Aluminium Used In Automotive Industry , Construction, Plumbing , Etc. Si0.25, Fe0.40, Cu0.05-0.20, Mn0.05, Zn0.10, Al99(min.)


A Good General Purpose Filler Wire With Silicon Additives For Improved Flow & Reduces Cracking. Si4.50-6.00, Fe0.80, Cu0.30, Mn0.05, Zn0.10, Al Remaining.

Tig Filler Wires

Sizes 1.60mm , 2.00mm,2.40mm, 3.15mm.
Length 1000mm.
Packing 5 Kgs Plastic Tubes.

Mig Filler Wires

Sizes 0.80mm,1.20mm(For Steel),1.20mm,1.60mm (For Aluminium)
Length Layer Wounded Plastic Spools.
Spool Weight 12.500 kgs (Approx.) For Steel.
7.00 Kgs. (Approx.) For Aluminium.

Test Certificate

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