k2_-pickling-pasteThe chemical K-2 is available in 3 forms as follows giving the same results. Application of K-2 Passivation solution is a must after the application of all forms of K-2 chemical in order to avoid further corrosion and contamination.

It is used to clean weld seams and the areas surrounding the welds.

1.  S1-56 – Degreaser (Removal of oil 50gm/lit.) Apply liquid S1-56 – Degreaser on to the surface for 5- 10 minutes.Then wash the surface thoroughly with water.
2.  K-2 paste is to be applied on the weld seam and surrounding area with a brush.
3.  Leave the K-2 paste on the weld seam for 15-45 minutes depending on the thickness of the oxide scale.
4.  Scrub the surface with a plastic bristled brush and then wash surface thoroughly with water.
5.  Apply K-2 passivation on the surface and leave it for 10 – 15 minutes.
6.  Wash the surface thoroughly with water.

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