The Gravity Co2 Gas Pre-Heater is designed to be connected between the outlet of a cylinder & inlet of a regulator , the powerful heating element heats the gas as it flows thru the body of the heater and thus avoiding regulator freezing .


Designed to heat co2 gas prior to pressure regulation in welding allowing constant flow without risk of freezing up or noticeable change in pressure.


  • Easy installation between co2 cylinder and regulator.
  • Efficiently radiates heat to the gas stream.
  • Sturdy, compact and light weight design.
  • Lower power consumption.
  • Quick warming up in 5 – 10 minutes.
  • Solid brass rod fittings for inlet and outlet connections.
  • Available in different voltages.


Max. Operating Pressure 200 Bar
Max. Flow Rate 35 Litres/ Min
Power 70 Watt
Voltage 230 / 110 / 42 V AC , Single Phase
Casing Powder Coated Aluminium
Connections 5/8” BSP (RH)
Weight 450 gms (Approx.)


Each Piece Packed In Cardboard Box.

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