welding-cableTIG WELDING TORCH
Wide range of both air-cooled & water-cooled tig welding torches in various amperage ranges to meet the diverse performance requirements featuring flexible, light weight & ISI certified welding cable for ultimate comfort & maneuverability.


In TIG Welding, it carries the welding current & directs shielding gas to the weld.


  • Resilient high temperature silicon molded head does not chirp or crack easily.
  • Light weight, flexible & ISI Certified power cable.
  • High quality material provides longer life.
  • Ideal for indoor & field applications.
  • Internal parts made of hard alloys for effective transmit of current and heat.
  • Ergonomically designed handle made of Nylon.
  • Precise Speed Control At Low & High Speeds.
  • Teflon Gaskets for the nozzle & long cap provides a seal against gas current leakage.


Type of Cooling Gas
Torch Type Handheld
Power Cable 25 Sq. mm HOFR With Copper Conductor
Length 4 Mtr. Or 8 Mtr.
Current Rating 220 Amp. @ 60% Duty Cycle
Head Angle 75 Degree
Tungsten Range 1.60 mm To 3.00 mm
(Torch supplied With 2.40mm Fitting)


Each Piece Packed In Cardboard Box

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