gas cutting nozzleGAS CUTTING NOZZLE
Gravity Cutting Nozzle is precision machined & hand finished to give a positive seat. Every nozzle is inspected & flame tested at the point of manufacture. The nozzle can be dressed using a nozzle cleaner provided with the nozzle. The flame shape & nozzle performance depends heavily on orifices having sharp, square edges.


Nozzle provide the preheating flames to raise the steel to ignition temperatures and direct the jet of oxygen on to the heated area to perform the cutting process.


  • The high copper content gives nozzles an inbuilt quality and longer life.
  • The smooth finish of the gas ports assures stable gas flow resulting in better quality cutting.
  • Individual flame testing of nozzles guarantees consistent high quality performance.
  • High copper content conducts heat away from the nozzle face thus keeping nozzle relatively cool and slag adherence to the nozzle face is reduced.
  • Available for both acetylene and LPG in different sizes as per the cutting requirement.


As Per IS : 7653


10 Pieces Pack With Each Piece Packed In Cardboard Packet.

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